The Ottoo Odyssey

Founded in 2016, Ottoo started out providing digital transformation for the automotive industry and mobility ecosystem. Over the years, we've expanded our team, operations, and solutions. Today, we're a technology company that provides digital transformation and product development based on the needs of our ecosystem.

Who we are

Ottoo is where experiences meet proactive minds driven by a passion for personal growth and collective progress. Our culture is centered around continuous improvement, knowledge-sharing, research, and practice, helping us elevate ourselves and the communities we serve.

We work with industry leaders as well as startups with big dreams. Our partners are transforming payment systems, transportation, news, communication, entertainment, fashion, and many more industries. And we're with them every step of the way.

Our Values

Our culture is made up of competent, agile teams with extensive know-how who collaborate effectively together. We function in a connected structure of tools, people, and processes, always creating innovative solutions for the problems in our ecosystem.

Done is better than perfect.

Our motto reminds us to be agile and flexible when taking any project from ideation to execution.

We believe that a simple yet fully functional product offers more valuable insight than one that is overanalyzed, overplanned and overdeveloped, in almost all cases.

We came to this conclusion through many projects where agility and adaptability to market conditions and customer feedback proved to be essential. We design our processes around this core understanding to produce complete yet modifiable products.

The Team

Team is the key to success or failure.
Team matters!

Our network of teams is a community of talented individuals across different functions with a shared passion for technology and value creation. We believe that the most important reason for success or failure is the team. We build our teams around core ideas and strengths, allowing them to grow into their full potential and take their output to a higher level.

Where we work

We believe restriction of location is detrimental to the performance of our team members. So Ottoo was imagined as a remote-first company from the start.

New York, Miami USA
Various Cities, Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey
Dubai, UAE