Digital Transformation

Digital transformation isn’t just about implementing new technologies. It’s a comprehensive process that involves the transformation of people, teams, processes, and the wider ecosystem.

At Ottoo, we create sustainable digital transformation solutions that support efficiency, agility, and growth in the long run. Starting with adopting an agile mindset, digital transformation is about prioritizing people, integrating tools and teams, automating business processes, and delivering value to customers.

Talent Hub

Talent Hub

People are at the heart of digital transformation. By putting people first, we create a talented community that is empowered with the right environment and tools to grow and thrive.

We find exceptional people with Ottoo Talent, whether it’s for ourselves or for other companies. We continue to support these people with Ottoo Academy, elevating their careers and building a community that actively shapes the tech world.

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Ottoo Solutions


We bring competent people together to build all-star teams.

Our team has extensive know-how and years of experience in developing purpose-built solutions for various industries. We’re diverse and well-rounded, working cross-functionally from the ideation of a product to its growth. 

We transformed the expertise of our teams into services. From CTO-as-a-service to product management, we provide tailored team services for diverse needs.

CTO as-a-Service

Our CTO team delivers technological consultancy and know-how transfer in line with your business objectives.

Team as-a-Service

Our team architects, builds, and maintains your data and applications for optimal performance.

Project Management

We align processes, tools, and teams to deliver projects that meet goals and satisfy requirements.

Product Management

We guide every step of your product’s lifecycle based on intimate understanding of your needs.


The technological infrastructure of a business is critical in the transformation process. For sustainable, long-term growth, the underlying infrastructure should support new business model development and up-to-date data flow. To make this possible, we leverage the power of cloud computing.

Our team helps you adopt a platform infrastructure that provides a complete development and deployment environment in the cloud. This platform provides powerful advantages that help you become an agile, sustainable, and scalable business in the long run. 

Scalable Architecture

Scalable architecture ensures your systems can expand seamlessly and handle higher workloads without compromising performance or stability.

New Business Models

New business models can easily be developed, creating innovative revenue streams that align with your business strategy.

Fully Integrated

Our platform can be fully integrated, connecting your applications and data flow in a unified ecosystem.

Sustainable Future

The flexible and scalable nature of our platform creates a resilient and sustainable digital business that can thrive in the long-term.

Ottoo Data

Data is the driving force of the digital age.

Businesses should use data effectively to transform with the changing ecosystem and create sustained growth. However, data can't be managed if it's not stored, organized, and analyzed right.

Our team has the expertise and resources to help you transform your data into meaningful insights and integrate them into your growth strategies. Whether it’s our data platform or team services, our data solutions cover everything you need to manage your data effectively and drive growth.

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Data Team as-a-Service

Our data team handles diverse data tasks, from analysis to strategy, helping you use the full potential of your data without the overhead of permanent hires.

B2B Reporting Product

Our reporting product provides e-commerce businesses with efficient and cost-effective reporting, saving time and increasing productivity.

Data Bootcamp

Our Data Bootcamp is a concentrated, immersive course that provides young talent with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in data science.

We collaborate with our partners to transform ideas into exceptional products. Our team provides tailored solutions that address all your business needs and challenges.

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01100 Agency

01100 Agency

As a tech-driven agency, we do so much more than conventional marketing and design. We blend creativity with technology to take B2B and B2C e-commerce businesses on a complete digital transformation journey.

Throughout this journey, we provide tailored solutions designed to help brands meet business goals and excel in the digital age. Combining platform development, design, content, and strategy, we build a powerful infrastructure for digitalization and growth.

Some of the clients we've had the pleasure of working with.

Coob Collagen




Ottoo Ventures

We transform ideas compatible with our vision into thriving ventures, elevating them with innovative business models and strategies. We provide what ideas truly need to flourish - technological infrastructure, diverse expertise, and operational support from concept to company.

Venture Building


Farmabulut provides digital transformation for the healthcare industry, digitalizing everything for brands of any size – from marketing and sales to order fulfillment and customer service. Ultimately, these solutions serve to drive efficiency and strengthen the connection between players in the supply chain.

In healthcare, we develop digital solutions that support and elevate our brand Farmabulut. Whether it's building custom B2B or B2C marketplaces or bringing existing businesses into our pre-built platforms, we integrate the interactions of all players into the digital world to create value and transform the healthcare ecosystem.


Digitalization of e-commerce businesses is powered by our upcoming brand NopCloud. NopCloud delivers a holistic transformation that addresses both technical and business dimensions. It uses nopCommerce infrastructure to provide tailored B2B and B2C services and create resilient brands that thrive in the digital world.

Venture Studio

We also support visionary ideas from entrepreneurs that have the potential to shape the future. Our team has extensive know-how and years of experience in developing digitalization solutions for e-commerce, healthcare, data, and AI.

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