It's easy to find capital, but not

While funding can be found easily, the core resources for company building are difficult to assemble. We combine our deep expertise and hands-on approach with a rich network to realize your vision and create sustained opportunities for growth.

We have extensive technical know-how and years of experience in building successful tech-powered companies in various industries.

Our diverse team delivers comprehensive support across all aspects of your startup, at every stage of its development.

We don’t just build companies, we build long-lasting relationships. You can find abundant opportunities for growth in our ecosystem.

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End-to-end support

We provide you with a holistic support system - everything you need to accelerate your entrepreneurial journey. An exceptional team, advanced technology, operational expertise, and vast network resources.


You will have access to diverse teams with expertise in every domain - from development to design to business.


We provide technological resources and engineer new business models for you to grow and scale.


We offer operational support at every stage to make sure your business runs efficiently.


Our rich network presents long-term opportunities for partnership, investment, and growth.

Venturing across industries

Our team has proficiency in building businesses across e-commerce, data, AI, and all relevant industry verticals.




Ottoo Ventures


Farmabulut provides digital transformation for the healthcare industry with technological solutions, digital services, and e-commerce operations.


Nopcloud provides tailored B2B and B2C solutions for any nopCommerce based technical and business demands.

Ayti Tech

Ayti Tech is an IT company that provides consultancy, coaching, training, human resources and management services in the fields of Cloud Computing, DevOps and Software Development.

Optima AI

Optima is an innovative AI-driven platform that offers personalized coaching programs to aid users in achieving their goals and overcoming challenges in both personal and professional aspects of life.


Zamar provides digital solutions powered by new technologies in the packaging and distribution of storage and e-commerce orders.


Fiilen designs digital and field-oriented communication projects with companies that value the employer brand and strengthens employee loyalty by nurturing a positive culture.