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Our Values


Ottoo-like culture means; researching, learning and devotedly working to achieve objectives, building systems, conducting projects and offering solutions while embracing new and brave ideas.


Teams focused on value creating products, functional output, critically analyzing the environment and the ecosystem of the business; meanwhile developing, updating and strengthening it.


We take pride in our products’ complete conformity to pre-determined quality standards.


Business is not always what it literally stands for. It is a metaphor of a complex concept that is always growing, supporting, and encompassing. We have the passion to pace between the how and why.


From top-to-bottom, the procedures we create are as value-added as possible to leave an impression on the audience.


We believe learning is enhanced when it’s combined with fun. Everything needs a healthy dash of fun to keep it interesting.

Done is better than perfect.

Our motto reminds us the mindset necessary to carry any project to completion.

We believe a basic yet completely functioning product offers more valuable insight than one that is overanalyzed, overplanned and overexecuted, in almost all cases.

We came to this conclusion through many projects where agility and adaptability to market conditions and customer reactions had proven to be essential. We design our processes around this core understanding to produce complete yet malleable products.

The Team

Team is the key to success or failure.
Team matters!

Having a strong team will add new and powerful muscle to a professional formation as well as being the pushing force to quickly reach goals. We believe the most important reason for success or failure is the team. We build our teams around core ideas and strengths, allowing them to grow into their full potential and taking their output to a higher level.

Where we work

We believe restriction of location is detrimental to the performance of our team members. So Ottoo was imagined as a remote-first company from the beginning.

Istanbul, Turkey
Miami, USA
Antalya, Manisa, Muğla