Explore, Learn & Shape the Tech Universe!

Ottoo Academy is a world of dynamic learning experiences centered around technology. Step inside to learn, build, and play an active role in molding the technology landscape!


Intensive, rapid bootcamps designed to fast-track your tech skills in areas like backend and data science.


Flexible, self-paced online courses covering a wide range of technology and software development topics.

corporate programs

Customized training programs for businesses, designed to upskill teams and solve technological challenges.

Beyond Just a Tech Course

We’re building a community of lifelong learners who actively shape and transform the tech world.

Our focus is on delivering comprehensive, high-quality course content with practical applications that can be directly implemented in the tech industry. Beyond education, we support learners with professional opportunities to accelerate their career.

Why Learn with Ottoo Academy

Expert Instructors

Our instructors are industry professionals with high expertise in their domains. Attending their classes will give you access to a wealth of knowledge and years of real-world experience.

practical application

Theoretical knowledge becomes truly valuable when it finds practical application. We provide hands-on projects for you to gain a deeper understanding and directly apply your newly acquired skills.

Career opportunıtıes

Alongside personal education, we provide exciting industry opportunities to elevate your tech career. Through our platform Ottoo Talent, we bring together exceptional learners with visionary companies.

Collaborative Community

AWe’re a supportive community that encourages collaboration and networking, building connections that extend far beyond the classroom. Come aboard to create lasting relationships that fuel your growth.

Course Topics

At Ottoo Academy, we provide a wide range of courses from DevOps to e-commerce. Our instructors guide all learners, from beginners to those looking to upskill.